who we are

Truck-Trix Is a Custom fabricator. Our shop equipment includes sandblasting, hot degreasers, powder coating equipment, hydro-graphics dipping, spray booth, large plasma cutting table, state-of-the-art tube benders, complete Certified welding fabrication.

No matter whether you’re doing basic repairs and maintenance, modifying your Truck’s street appeal and performance, or adding high-tech lighting and electronics, our great selection of brand name products and knowledgeable associates will ensure success with all your Truck projects.

Versatility – that’s the quality that sets trucks apart and a key reason why year after year they’re the top selling vehicles. Trucks have traditionally been necessities for tradesmen and businesses for hauling and towing, and they’ve always been popular with homeowners for toting goods from home centers and with outdoorsman for carrying camping gear and dirt bikes. But today many buyers prefer top-of-the-line crew cab pickups over luxury sedans as family vehicles and the truck bed might never see anything more than a set of golf clubs. And with their big, high powered gas and diesel engines, trucks deliver performance on road and off. Whether you want utility, comfort, or driving excitement, trucks do it all and with our vast selection of parts and accessories you can make your pickup even more versatile.

Distinctive styling, performance that doesn’t sacrifice economy, a comfortable ride and agile handling that belie their size and heavy-duty underpinnings, and unrivaled utility combine to make modern trucks the most capable vehicles around, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved upon. With exterior accessories like a custom grille, chrome trim, custom headlights and custom tail lights you can make a personal statement with your Ford, Chevy or any other brand truck and give it exclusive looks and upgraded functionality. Protect your cabin with interior accessories like floor mats, cargo liners, and seat covers that will preserve your factory carpet and upholstery and add custom style. And you can create a unique space and driving environment with a dash kit, chrome interior trim, and custom door sills.

It’s the bed that separates a truck from ordinary vehicles, and you can substantially improve the functionality and looks of any pickup bed when you shop in our truck bed accessories department. Safe hauling means a properly secured load and we’ve got the truck bed tie downs, straps & tie downs, and cargo nets to hold any kind of gear. Loading and unloading the bed is a cinch with our ramps, bed slides and unloaders, and once your gear is in place you can protect it and give your pickup a sleek look with a hard or soft tonneau cover. Hauling can take its toll on the bed; keep yours in top shape with protection from a bed mat or liner and bed caps. And you can make sure cargo and gear stored in the bed are secure and appropriately arranged with our tool boxes and bed organizers.

Even large 8 ft. truck beds aren’t big enough for some cargo, but armed with a bed extender it’s possible to safely transport gear with the tailgate down or haul long cargo like ladders, pipe and lumber overhead on a bed rack. A headache rack is another option for lengthy loads, plus you get cab protection and a style upgrade. You can also get an appearance boost with chrome bed bars, bed rails, and a tailgate handle and tailgate trim. But for many owners, their truck’s towing capacity is more important than its load capacity, and if that includes you we have the trailer hitches & towing accessories to ensure your rig is up to the task including hitches, balls & mounts, towing mirrors, transmission coolers, hitch accessories, and electrical & wiring necessities, as well as everything you need for the trailer.

These days trucks and four-wheel drive are virtually synonymous, especially in areas that get significant snowfall. But whether you need your pickup to get around in the winter or just enjoy tackling rugged off-road terrain, we have everything to outfit your 4×4. To get moving on loose and slippery surfaces you need traction, and you’ll get plenty of bite with our off-road tires, not to mention great looks, especially when they’re mounted on a set of our custom wheels. Of course, just about every 4×4 truck owners uses a wheels/tires purchase as an opportunity to upsize, and we have the lift kits to give you the right clearance and the height needed to handle obstacles off road. In addition to complete kits we have springs, shocks, and struts as well as running boards to give you a boost into the elevated cabin.

You can make sure you don’t get stranded out on the trails by beefing up your drivetrain with our performance driveline & axles, including transfer case, differential, driveshaft, axle, and U-joint parts and assemblies. And because every 4×4 truck needs protection and capabilities in harsh environments and has to look the part of an off-road warrior we have off-road bumpers and skid plates, winches and bumper accessories, and off-road lights to safely navigate in darkness. Whether you have a lifted beast or a lowered cruiser with air suspension, everyone wants to feel more oomph when they mash the pedal, so check out our selection of performance parts including cat-back exhaust systems, air intake systems, and performance chips and programmers, all designed to unleash more power from your truck’s engine.

The average selling price of a brand new truck is well north of $40K, making a new pickup a substantial investment. You can get the best return on that investment, in the form of long vehicle life and peak performance, with regular maintenance and timely repairs, and we have the auto repair parts to keep your truck or SUV in top shape. From routine maintenance needs like fluids and filters, to commonly replaced parts like brake pads, spark plugs, belts, hoses, and shocks & struts, to major components including engine parts and steering racks, we have brands you trust at great prices.