Powder Coating

Powder Coating Denver

Powder coating is a more durable and longer-lasting alternative to traditional paint.  It creates a custom protective finish to any metal surface. The powder coating process uses dry resin powder particles with your choice of pigment color. The resin powder is applied to an object with a spray gun, similar to applying solvent-based paint. Powder coating electrostatically charges the powders as they move through the spray gun, causing them to stick to the object, just like metal to a magnet. During the curing process, we heat the powder coated parts to 400 degrees, which melts the powder and fuses it together to form a rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant,  durable finish impervious to UV rays and lasts 10 times longer than regular paint.  The object is allowed to cool and then available for use immediately.  Due to the excessive oven heat during the curing process, we cannot powder coat plastic or rubber.


The surface we are powder coating must be very clean and dry to allow the electrostatic charge. Powder will not adhere to rust, old paint, or primer. We recommend chemical stripping or sandblasting the object to remove any previous finishes, rust, and other surface contaminants. That also provides a textured surface to which the powder will adhere.

If you have your objects sandblasted before you send them to us, please clean any oil and grease off before sandblasting.  This will prevent oil and grease from being pushed into the surface, causing adhesion problems.

Why Powder Coating?

Powder coating is 100% environmentally friendly since there are no solvents, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), or hazardous materials used.  Powder coating is extremely resistant to chips, scratches, abrasion, heat (up to 200 degrees), UV light, and fuel and chemicals. The powder coating process also eliminates runs and drips, common with painted finishes.  It is also corrosion-resistant, which is difficult to achieve with other methods. Powder coatings come in over 7000 colors, including translucent, metallic, matte, satin, as well as custom colors mixed to your specifications.

Benefits Of Using Powder Coating

  • DURABILITY – Powder coatings are extremely durable, UV-resistant, chip/scratch resistant, heat resistant up to 200 degrees, corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant.
  • FINISH OPTIONS – The latest in powder technology has brought several different finishes, including wrinkle, glossy, satin, matte, textured, and hammer tone.
  • COLOR OPTIONS – Powder coatings are available in over 7000 colors. Stop in our Parker showroom to match your color against our color samples or visit our home page to view color options online.
  • HIGHER QUALITY – Before curing, liquid paint will attract dust particles that flaw the final finish. Since powder coatings are dry before curing, they attract virtually no dust, which leads to a superior-looking finish.

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